Weddings are romantic. Weddings are magical. Your wedding day is filled with joy, laughter and drunk uncles. You will most definitely want to immortalize that day in pictures and photos. Memories to stare and smile at on rainy days or winter nights, beside the fire with a loved one. You may not be romantic but you would definitely enjoy showing your grandkids pictures of the drunk ancestors. Trust me, I know what I’m saying.
For this reason and many more, you would definitely want to pick not just the appropriate photographer but best photographer available. Nothing would hurt more than having the best time of your life, having the perfect wedding planned and executed only to find out that your photographer was missing in action or worse, missed the all right shots.
There are numerous photographers to choose from depending on your preferences, destination, plans and budget. So below are a few things to help you pick the right choice:

Start with Referrals
Referrals from friends and family would help you simplify your search and reduce the number of interviews and meetings. Family member will also help you avoid photographers with a bad reputation or skill. You may also ask for references to reliable sources and get their opinions on the photographer’s work.
Know your Criteria
Many photographers have different styles and shooting habits. Some photographers may be good but may not fit your style. Knowing what you want will help you pick a photographer that can easily fit your needs and fulfil your desires.
Decide what kind of photos you want the usual posing shots and group photos, or random shots that captures the raw, spontaneous emotions of the moment. The wedding locations and designs, would also help in choosing the appropriate photographer. To an extent the caliber and disposition of your guests may also influence your choice.
See their Past Job
You should also research their portfolio, or social media profile to get a feel of their previous work and photography style. This will help you decide if the photographer fits your criteria, and also gauge their skill. Ask for an album of their latest jobs
Know the Photographer
It is imperative that you should meet with a photographer before making a choice. If a physical meeting cannot be arranged settle for a video or audio call. Get friendly with your photographer ask a few questions about them. Know the personality, likes and dislikes. Talk about dress codes and eating habits. You may also like to know if he smokes or any such inclinations. This is highly important in making your choice.
The last and probably the most prohibitive. Your budget will decide how much quality and service you can afford. Making the right choice may depend on getting the highest quality of service at the most affordable price. You also want to be clear and put any contract or agreement into writing.

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